• Why Sept 22 is Critical
    Why Sept 22 is Critical
    September 22 is our last chance to speak publicly to the Seattle Parks and Recreation department to let them know that the draft master plan is unacceptable. There are many reasons why we should speak against the draft master plan. The main reason is that this draft plan goes against findings that resulted from public surveys regarding the […]
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  • COLA and SPR: A Brief History
    COLA and SPR: A Brief History
    For those of you who aren’t in the loop on what has been happening in Seattle’s fight for dog parks, here is a quick overview: In 2014 Seattle Parks and Recreation was asked to create a master plan to address the need for additional and expanded dog parks in Seattle. In 2015 SPR was granted funding […]
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  • Welcome!
    Welcome to the Dog SQAD! We invite you to join our wonderful community of people and their dogs in the Seattle Queen Anne neighborhood. This community was built to fill the need that many of us talked about – we meet each-other through our dogs, exchange stories, and then have no way to connect again. Sometimes […]
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