COLA and SPR: A Brief History

For those of you who aren’t in the loop on what has been happening in Seattle’s fight for dog parks, here is a quick overview:

In 2014 Seattle Parks and Recreation was asked to create a master plan to address the need for additional and expanded dog parks in Seattle.

In 2015 SPR was granted funding of $100,000 annually to work with COLA to determine spending and create a master plan to maintain, acquire and expand off-leash areas.

In the summer of 2015 we were given a chance to take a survey put out by Seattle Parks and Recreation to have our voices heard about our needs for a dog park. This survey apparently costed the City of Seattle’s Park and Recreation Dept $100,000 to prepare and analyze.

Despite the overwhelming response from people asking for more off-leash parks, Seattle Parks initial plan did not include anything promising for planning additional parks. At a public meeting, COLA and people who want additional dog park space filled the room. We each took our allotted 2 minutes to speak in favor of adding additional parks and park space for our dogs. 

In the meantime, COLA has been going out to communities, collecting information and potential resources to find spaces for new dog parks in anticipation of working with SPR to provide valuable information. All in anticipation to be ready when the draft master plan was to come out so they would be ready.

A few days ago Seattle Parks and Recreation finally released their draft Master Plan for dog parks.

The results? No new plans for off-leash parks. 

FYI, Queen Anne residents were the highest respondents to the survey over any other neighborhood. 


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