Queen Anne Parks

In numbers



in acres



in acres

Of the park space available, dogs have less than

one-third of one-percent

of the space available to run.


There are an estimated

8,000 dogs

in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood.


They share


dog park.
David Rogers Park & Queen Anne Bowl    9.2 acres
West Queen Anne Playfield (aka Big Howe)    6.2 acres
East Queen Anne Playfield (aka Little Howe)    1.4 acres
Trolly Hill Park    0.87 acre
MacLean Park    1.02 acres
Thomas C. Wales Park    1.3 acres
Kinnear Park    14.1 acres
Lower Kinnear Dog Park    0.124 acres
Marshall Park    .78 acre
Parsons Gardens    0.4 acre
Franklin Place    .49 acre
Kerry Park    1.26 acres
Ward Springs Park    .34 acre
Coe Play Park    .2 acre
West Ewing Mini Park    .3 acre
Mayfair Park    1 acre
Counterbalance Park    .28 acre
Bhy Kracke Park    1.5 acres
Soundview Terrace    .3 acres

Seattle Parks

In numbers



in acres



in acres

There are at least

150,000 dogs

in Seattle.


There are

5,928 acres

of parks that allow unleashed people.



29 acres

of those allow unleashed dogs.

Biggest dog park:
8.6 acres (Magnuson)

Biggest park:
512.5 acres (Discovery)

Average acreage dog parks:
2.08 acres

Average acreage parks:
15.01 acres

For people who love numbers:
Some of the numbers above were rounded. The full numbers in order for Queen Anne are: .124 acres to 40.45 acres, .307% space to dogs vs total park space, estimated 8,000 very low as it’s based on national average of dogs per household which is higher in Seattle, and lastly, still one dog park (though we would argue that it’s barely worth counting). In Seattle: 29.129 acres of dog parks to 5,899.269 acres (best number based on SPR website, though some numbers are missing, including the .54 acre Peace Park), the number 150,000 was based on what SPR claims (though this number seems very low if you look at the national average of dogs per household, the number of households and the fact that we are above the national average in dog ownership), the 29 acres is 29.5 acres.