What to do When you Arrive

We will be gathering in front of the Miller Community Center at around 6:20 (Alisa and COLA will be there closer to 6:00pm).

You can do whatever you want to, but you might want to find your people (us). As all of us who exercise our dogs off-leash, we know that there are some angry people out there who just don’t like dogs. We do expect to see some. But, we are many and they are few!

If you plan to speak, make sure to go into the building and add your info to the sign-up sheet. Not sure where to find it? Ask us!

If you haven’t read our talking points and information, please do!

Not going to speak? That’s OKAY!!! We are not all comfortable speaking in public (like Alisa) and just showing up and showing your support is amazing! Also if you are coming alone and hate crowds, you will not be alone. Remember, we all have dogs and all love to talk about our dogs. And, there will be plenty going on so you will not have to feel awkward!

signsThere will be a sign-making table set up by COLA to make a sign. You can do that or feel free to bring your own! Just look for the tall woman with pink hair and she will have the materials for you!

If you are arriving late, there will be someone at the door to help you find your way to the meeting.

If you know you are going to be late but want to speak, please email me and I will put you on the list.

SEPT 22, 6:20 PM

Miller Playfield & Community Center
(Capitol Hill)
330 19th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112





The Hearing Agenda:

6:30 – Call to order, overview of past meeting minutes and today’s agenda

6:35 – People talking about stuff completely unrelated (I think – if like past meetings)

6:45 – Superintendent will speak

7:05 – Intro of the Strategic Plan (the thing we’re fighting)

7:15 – Public 2-minute speeches on why we need to LEGALIZE DOGS!!!

(and some really, incredibly irritating, irrational people who for some reason hate dogs and feel the need to talk about that). Again, please do not boo, throw poop at or otherwise acknowledge these people. If you can debunk them during your speech without losing your cool, go for it.)

During this portion names will be called in order of the sign-up sheet. You will go to a podium and give your two minutes.

If you want more info on this, again, please check out this post!

8:30 – More talking from the Seattle Park & Recreation